We are proud to announce Flora & Fauna will be one of the several small businesses exhibiting at the Fourth Street Maker’s Row in Berkeley, CA on November 30th and Dec 20th from 12:30 – 5:30 pm.


Style Lounge organized this awesome event. Style Lounge is a fellow woman owned and operated business dedicated to giving back to the community! Style Lounge, founded in 2006, is dedicated to supporting the growth of local artists by creating unique public shopping events. Style Lounge has raised over $100k in funds to local causes and non-profits since its founding.


Come out and enjoy the local art and culture, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet one of our Founders in person, Sierra Lewis.


We are proud to announce Flora & Fauna will be one of the several small businesses exhibiting at the Celery Space Holiday Craft Market in Berkeley, CA on December 1st from 2-7pm.


Celery Space organized this holiday shopping event. Celery Space is a product of the Celery Design creative team. The West Berkeley location is a design shop and workshop. The venue that offers a collection of locally made products, emphasizing sustainability. In addition to the retail shop and pop-up shopping fairs, Celery Space is known for hosting art exhibitions and creative workshop.

Come out and enjoy the Berkeley design and arts district, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet one of our Founders in person, Sierra Lewis.

Celery Space Holiday Market - Flora & Fauna

This month we had the pleasure of doing a short Q&A with one of our favorite brand ambassadors, Bruna Fogliano. Bruna is new to the beauty blogger scene, but don’t underestimate her! Her Brazilian roots give her the advantage of posting her reviews in both English and Portuguese!

Q: How long have you been sharing beauty reviews?

A: 4 months!


Q: How much time do you spend every day filming, sharing reviews, or managing your social media?

A: At least 3 hours a day.


Q: Have you made any lasting connections or friendships from your review posts?

A: Yes, I’ve connected with many brands and it’s great to have connections in the beauty world!


Q: What advice would you give to beauty influencers and brand ambassadors that are just getting started and don’t have a large following yet?

A: Keep doing it! It’s tough and sometimes we get frustrated, but it’s all worth it. Remember that growth takes time.


Q: What is your number 1 beauty tip?

A: Hydrate your skin! No matter what skin type you have, you need hydrated skin to slay!


Q: What is your favorite Flora & Fauna product?

A: My favorite is the Cuticle Hero pen.


Q: What makes Flora & Fauna different from other skincare and beauty brands to you?

A: It’s different because I can trust that all of the ingredients are great for my skin!


Link to Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brufogliano_/

Link to website: https://www.tipofthedaybyb.com/


Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of  Flora & Fauna 


Flora & Fauna is proud to announce we’ve been selected as a featured shop for the Annual Gift Guide organized by Rising Tide & HoneyBook! The Rising Tide & HoneyBook team are on a mission to empower the creative economy to rise together, doing what they love.


As a minority and woman-owned business, Flora & Fauna is very dedicated to empowering women, AND the creative economy to pursue their passion with the support of a community. We believe that by supporting creative entrepreneurs, we make it possible for more brilliant minds to continue building businesses that they love.


Founded in 2015, Rising Tide’s mission is to get creatives out of the house/off the couch, to meet up with other like-minded individuals… instead of working in solitude. In addition to fostering collaboration through in-person meetups, the Rising Tide website offers its members TONS of educational resources – like blogs, webinars, guides, and summits. Rising Tide believes in “community over competition” and hosts over 400 monthly gatherings in cities around the world. Rising Tide now serves a community of over 70,000 creative entrepreneurs!


The HoneyBook platform is amazing for creatives and small business owners, it offers an easy to use and an aesthetically pleasing way to view proposals, sign, and pay effortlessly – no printing or mailing required. Honeybook stores all your files in one place so you can access them from anywhere. Honeybook streamlines and automates the client’s experience – send proposals and invoices, track payments, and send automated reminders and notifications to keep the workflow moving.


The Rising Tide & Honeybook are also dedicated to supporting nonprofits and organizations they are passionate about! This is something we can definitely relate to at Flora & Fauna. To date, Rising Tide & Honeybook have given over $100,000 to non-profits!


Check out the Rising Tide & Honeybook Annual Gift Guide to learn more about Flora & Fauna’s cruelty-free and vegan products, which are guaranteed to make fantastic gifts this holiday season! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to learn about our special holiday discounts.


Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder Flora & Fauna 


Flora & Fauna introduces first annual Friends & Family sale!

Just in time for the holidays, Flora & Fauna is offering our first annual Friends & Family sale! If you are reading this, YOU are our friends and family! Starting TODAY, November 8th, you can shop our entire collection of natural vegan beauty products for 20% off.


Goddess it’s Cold out…

Are the cold month’s taking a toll on your skin? Now is the perfect time to try Baby Glow Facial Cream. Our silky, fragrance-free, formula combines tons of restorative natural ingredients to give your skin a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Baby Glow is excellent for the dull and dry skin many of us suffer from during fall and winter. Our customers say this cream is a holy grail for improving skin tone, texture, and pigmentation… find out for yourself now!

Bye Bye Wrinkles and Fine Lines 

Looking to fight wrinkles and fine lines? Flora & Fauna’s Baby Face Serum contains potent natural ingredients, like Organic Blue Green Algae and Organic Neem Seed Oil to restore the skin’s vitality. This fragrance-free serum is full of antioxidants and vitamins to improve the skin’s natural firmness and promote hydration. Say hello to a healthy glow!


Stocking Stuffers

Need stocking stuffers for the holidays? Try our Cuticle Hero Pen, the small portable twist and click brush pen makes application easy at home or on the go. This nourishing natural oil blend is guaranteed to improve nail growth and soften dry, cracked cuticles. The lemon and lavender essential oils provide a soothing light scent and aid in brightening nails. One customer says in an Amazon , “I am obsessed with this stuff! My nails often get dry, and this stuff makes them feel like they’ve been brushed with tiny angel wings. I’m so addicted to it that I usually buy two at a time so I don’t have to wait when I run out. It’s the best.”

Flora & Fauna’s Powder Room Spray is another great stocking stuffer. It’s packaged in a small and inconspicuous bottle that easily fits in any handbag or gym bag. It’s cute, but packs a punch! Just one spritz will instantly neutralize malodors with a refreshing and pleasant rose petal scent. One customer says in an Amazon Review, “I am very sensitive to chemical smells and most air fresheners, perfumes, soaps, lotions, etc. give me migraines. These air fresheners smell very natural and do not trigger my headaches; the smell fades into the air relatively quickly and takes bad smells with it!”

Flora & Fauna’s Friends & Family sale is ending on November 11th at 11:59 PM PST, shop now using coupon code “FnF2018”! Minimum purchase $30.


Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder Flora & Fauna Beauty