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So, we all know what it feels like to be stuck searching for a way out of whatever problem we are in. I’ve been guilty of this several times and currently have trouble with it. Having a blog is really great and a fun way of expressing your ideas and opinions, but it definitely comes with times where you don’t know what to do or write about next. The way I usually get around that is staying connected with what is going on in the news or what is happening around or asking other people for ideas for what to write about. If I can get out of slumps, then you can too! Here are 5 ways to get motivated after a slump:


  1. This may sound very cliche, but acknowledge the fact that you are in a slump. Humans (in general) tend to be really bad at acknowledging when something is going wrong and even like to deny the fact that it is happening. But, when we acknowledge that something is off, when can began to understand what is happening and try to find a way to fix it.
  2. Figure out why you got in a slump in the first place. For example, last semester was really hard on me. After doing not so great on one of my exams I wasn’t feeling good mentally and I didn’t really want to hang out with my friends. I couldn’t really figure out why a few days later I still felt bad, but I realized that not doing well on the test really affected me in a negative way and I needed to understand that it wasn’t the end of the world and I could just try harder on next test.
  3. Talk to other people. Sometimes hearing another person’s perspective can really help you. If you stay stuck in your head, you may never be able to move on. If you really don’t want to listen to what anyone else has to say, try just talking to them so you can hear your thoughts out loud. You can also record yourself and play back what you said!
  4. Immerse yourself in a new environment. A lot of the times when we get into slumps, we stay in the same area for long periods of times and even with mental slumps, going somewhere can be a breath of fresh air. I’m not saying you have to go really far, just take a walk outside, go do something fun that you like to do or visit some family or friends. Taking a break might have just been what you needed.
  5. Don’t stress about it. Please understand that you can go at your own pace. Don’t trick yourself into believing that you have to get something done as fast as possible. Stressing out will only make your slump worse.


I hope these tips were able to help you get out of your slump or future slumps. Remember, your main priority is self-care and some of the great achievements in life come out of getting over bumps in the road. A slump is not a roadblock, it’s just a hill for you to get over!


Written by Courtney Smith

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