A Labor of Love…

Flora & Fauna is a “labor of love” from a group of young, dedicated, women of color with a vision. These women work collaboratively as consultants (Renee Cosmetics Consulting), in hopes of empowering entrepreneurial change.

The Flora & Fauna brand, product line, and social media force is just one tangible example of the work these women do, the skills they possess, and the results they are capable of creating.

Good for the Planet…

Of course Flora & Fauna is good for the planet. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, crafted with the finest botanical ingredients and made with recyclable packaging. But, we are more than just an earth conscious brand and product line…

Flora & Fauna was brought to market by young entreneurial minds, so bringing other budding entrepreneurs closer to success is very important to us. Every year 5% of the sales of our product will be reinvested into junior achievement programs focused on students in under-served communities. These programs help our youth understand economics and business concepts. March 2019 will mark our first full year of sales, and first charity donation – Help us make a difference!

Sierra Lewis

Founder & Director of Product Development

Sierra holds a Master’s Degree focused on Operations and Management from John Jay College. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in product development/production. Her dog,@ibabille, has recently inspired her to expand her talents to the pet product world!

Marion Henson

Founder & Director of Digital Marketing

Marion is pursuing her Master’s in Internet Marketing and also holds a cosmetology license. She is based in Westchester, NY just north of Manhattan. Marion strives to create a collaborative, organic, and engaging marketing environment for new and established businesses. She develops social media marketing and customer engagement strategies, using a combination of digital marketing tactics.

Our Story

Flora & Fauna grabs its namesake from two Roman Goddesses; Flora, goddess of flowers, spring and youth, and Fauna, the nurturing goddess of wildlife, fertility, and animals. We drew on these two inspirations to embody our brand because we are committed to offering a product that uses real, natural, ingredients and never harms animals in the process. We also wanted to offer a line that can cater to your inner goddess and make you feel divine, daily. All of our products, from the anti-aging serum to the room spray, hope to help you embrace your inner goddess. 


Flora and Fauna grabs its namesake from two Roman Goddesses. Flora is the goddess of flowers, spring and youth. Fauna is the nurturing goddess of wildlife, fertility and animals. These two figures embody our brand perfectly because not only do we uphold the sense of integrity by offering products formulated with botanical and natural ingredients, but we are also vegan and cruelty free.

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