Flora & Fauna Baby Face Serum 2018 Beauty Fave

Chelsea, or Cee, is a 26-year-old wife and mother currently living in Detroit. She uses her Instagram and Blog to beautifully curated photos of beauty products (as well as fashion and food) with her followers.


Flora & Fauna is honored and delighted to see that our Baby Face Age-Defying Serum made it on to her “2018 Beauty Faves” list! “I love this serum, sometimes I use it twice a day (morning and night) or before makeup application. It leaves my skin super smooth and I do notice tightening as well,” she writes.


Chelsea loves that she can order it quickly online, “Available on Amazon with Prime as well, how great is that?!”


Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of Flora & Fauna

Schontia Reviews Flora & Fauna

Schontia, is a self-proclaimed “broke student” dedicated to trying new products in hopes of finding effective and affordable skin care to share with her followers. After seeing our Baby Glow Facial Cream all over Instagram, and checking out it’s 5-star rating on Amazon, she had to try it herself!


In her latest blog post, Schontia shares her opinions on the product. Like many, our fun floral logo and packaging caught her eye, “The packaging is absolutely adorable and honestly was the very first thing that captured my attention!” Cute packaging aside, it sounds like our Baby Glow Facial Cream also lived up to its reputation, “After massaging the cream in…I will say this… my skin was so soft and glowing!” she writes.


Thanks for sharing your experience Schontia, you are definitely glowing!

Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna Brand Ambassador of the month- Sakura Andersen

This month we had the pleasure of doing a short Q & A with Sakura Andersen. Known as “Sakura’s Beauty Blog” on Instagram, Sakura uses her social media to share beautiful flowery photos and honest reviews of new cruelty-free beauty and skincare products. We love working with Sakura because she embodies our brand’s top value: self-care via skincare.


Q: What is your mission?

A: “My goal is self-care through skincare, trying to ensure that every day I do one thing to take care of myself, with facials, sheet masks, or something as simple as washing my face. I’m looking forward to continuously meet new people and brands in my ongoing search for glowing skin. Another goal I have is to spread positivity and support to anyone else struggling with self-care because of depression, anxiety, and chronic illnesses.”


Q: What is your number 1 beauty tip?

A: “Regardless of your skin type or condition, a good, clean facial oil is the best product you can have in your skincare arsenal! Oils can help plump and hydrate dry, aging skin, and is surprisingly effective in fighting acne-prone oily skin.”


Q: What is your go-to self-care routine?

A: “I am a huge fan of the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine (for those interested, it doesn’t need to be Korean). It includes oil cleansing, toners, essences/serums, oils, moisturizer, then a nourishing sleep mask. It has transformed my skin from blah to yah!”


Q: What is your favorite Flora & Fauna product, and why?

A: “I’m obsessed with the cuticle hero pen! I work in the healthcare field, so I am frequently washing my hands with harsh medical grade soaps. My nails would be a mess without it! I have the Rejuvenating Cream on the way, and I already know I’ll love it!”


Q: What makes Flora & Fauna different from other skincare and beauty brands?

A: “I’m amazed at the staggering amount of love, support, and empowerment of women they promote, which is so important right now in the world. So much positivity just shows that the future, truly, is female!”


Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of Flora & Fauna

Bunny Free Beauty Reviews Flora & Fauna Vegan & Cruelty Free Cuticle Hero Pen Baby Face Serum Baby Face Cream

Jaclyn Asencio of “Bunny Free Beauty” uses her blog to share photos and reviews of new cruelty-free beauty and skincare products. She prides herself of sharing ‘honest’ reviews and actively supporting the brands and products that work for her. Have you seen her latest feature on our products?


Here’s what she has to say about our Cuticle Hero pen: “I have been using this every day. It keeps my dry cuticles hydrated in this winter weather. It is very convenient. I love the light lavender scent.”


She loves our Powder Room Rose Spray as well: “Long lasting, light scent. The rose petal aroma is uplifting and pleasant, and not overwhelming at all. The small, discreet bottle easily fits in any handbag and is the  perfect size to travel with.”


Follow Jaclyn on Instagram for more cruelty-free and vegan reviews!

Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of Flora & Fauna 

Flora & Fauna was featured in Vegan Cuts December Beauty Box Co courated with LEaping Bunny and Reviewed on Hello subscription.

Can you believe there are hundreds of subscription boxes available online? Have no fear, Hello Subscription is here to help you find the perfect subscription box! Their team does all the research and product testing, so you know exactly which boxes are the best fit for you. Flora & Fauna is pleased to share the Hello Subscription review of Vegan Cuts December 2018 Beauty Box, which included some amazing feedback on our Cuticle Hero pen! They loved the convenience of the twist-n-click pen and the light scent of essential oils. Purchase our cuticle pen today using the code GODDESS for free shipping!

Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna's Cuticle Hero Cuticle Oil featured in Vegan Cuts

Flora & Fauna’s Cuticle Hero pen will be featured in this month’s Vegan Cuts beauty box.

VeganCuts has a very admirable goal, which is to “make it simple to discover the best vegan products”. Vegan Cuts is dedicated to uncovering new cruelty-free and vegan products to share with their subscribers. They have extremely high standards, and only include products with clean ingredients and “conscious” brands. The Vegan Cuts beauty box is sent to subscribers monthly, showcasing 5 or more new products, ranging from “unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare”. We are so honored to have this opportunity to share our products with their amazing customers!

Flora & Fauna

Goddess emereged in water surrounded by orange and lemon slices

The following ‘skincare hacks’ are Flora & Fauna approved, and can easily be coupled with any of our products.

  1. Hydrate – You’ve heard it before, but we have to emphasize this easy and important ritual. Drink lots of water, and ditch any sugar-filled or caffeinated beverages. Did you know your skin is over 60% water? Hydrated skin is plumper and less likely to show signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Our Baby Glow Skin Rejuvenating Facial Cream is packed with a plethora of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help improve the skin’s natural firmness and promote hydration.
  2. Rest well – Again, nothing new, but majorly important. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on all parts of your body, including your skin. Poor sleep is associated with increased levels of cortisol (the dreaded ‘stress hormone’) which lends itself to inflammation. Getting a good night’s rest is underrated! Check out this list of natural essential oils that will help you catch some ZZZs
  3. Be zen – Keep those cortisol levels low by practicing meditation, mindful breathing, acupuncture, yoga, art, or anything else that helps you let go. Good Juu Juu box offers an awesome subscription box that is sure to help bring some zen into your life.
  4. Check your diet – If breakouts and skin issues persist, it may be time to take a look at your diet. Some of your favorite go-to meals could be causing inflammation or even allergic reactions that manifest in your skin health. Check out this list of inflammatory foods and start eliminating them one by one.
  5. Go Natural – Ditch anything with a laundry list of chemical ingredients, artificial fragrances, or any harsh and potentially irritating ingredients.  Not just skincare, but anything your skin comes in contact with! That means toothpaste with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or detergents with fragrance or dyes. Our favorite natural household products brand is Seventh Generation.
  6. Be Active – Exercising increases blood circulation, which helps deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Exercising will also help your body flush out toxins, so don’t be afraid to sweat your way to glowing skin!


Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of Flora & Fauna 

Flora & Fauna at Makers Row Berkley, CA

We are proud to announce Flora & Fauna will be one of the several small businesses exhibiting at the Fourth Street Maker’s Row in Berkeley, CA on November 30th and Dec 20th from 12:30 – 5:30 pm.


Style Lounge organized this awesome event. Style Lounge is a fellow woman owned and operated business dedicated to giving back to the community! Style Lounge, founded in 2006, is dedicated to supporting the growth of local artists by creating unique public shopping events. Style Lounge has raised over $100k in funds to local causes and non-profits since its founding.


Come out and enjoy the local art and culture, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet one of our Founders in person, Sierra Lewis.


Celery Space Holiday Market - Flora & Fauna

We are proud to announce Flora & Fauna will be one of the several small businesses exhibiting at the Celery Space Holiday Craft Market in Berkeley, CA on December 1st from 2-7pm.


Celery Space organized this holiday shopping event. Celery Space is a product of the Celery Design creative team. The West Berkeley location is a design shop and workshop. The venue that offers a collection of locally made products, emphasizing sustainability. In addition to the retail shop and pop-up shopping fairs, Celery Space is known for hosting art exhibitions and creative workshop.

Come out and enjoy the Berkeley design and arts district, and take advantage of the opportunity to meet one of our Founders in person, Sierra Lewis.

Celery Space Holiday Market - Flora & Fauna