Haley of “Cruelty-Free Directory” was one of the many lucky Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscribers who received our Cuticle hero pen in December. “It’s my favorite thing that came in the December Vegan Cuts box. Since it’s in a brush applicator, it’s so easy to apply.  It’s not messy, I’ve been using it almost every night!” she writes. Our Cuticle Hero pen is known for the small portable applicator, which makes oiling your cuticles a quick 30-second routine.


We also sent her our Baby Face Serum as a courtesy. “I’ve been working it into my routine at night and I love the milky/moisturizing texture,” she says. Our light serum is perfect for softening and tightening sun-damaged or aging skin and also acts as a protective barrier to lock in moisture and nutrients.


Written By Sierra Lewis, Founder of Flora & Fauna 

Flora & Fauna’s Baby Glow Facial cream is now available for our lowest price ever… $14.99! To make room for new and exciting products we will be launching this year, we are discontinuing are Baby Glow cream. Limited quantities are available, so be sure to act quickly!


Dry skin? Wrinkles? Blemishes? Try our Baby Glow cream to help improve your skin’s tone, texture, and pigmentation. Our silky formula combines a dozen restorative and natural ingredients like Aloe Leaf Juice, Rosehip Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Tamanu Oil to give your skin a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Read this product review to learn what our customers have to say about Flora & Fauna Baby Glow Facial cream. One customer described her skin as “soft and glowing” after just one application!


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March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of women in culture and society. We are starting the celebration by offering the power of plants and the power of love to women everywhere!


Flora & Fauna is proud to announce we are now offering WORLDWIDE shipping via our website. Every day we receive messages from women in other countries, expressing interest in our brand, values, and products. Your support from afar means to much to us. Now that we’ve partnered up with GlobalShopEx, we can ship to over 200 countries and territories – so the wait is finally over!


March is also special because it signifies Flora & Fauna’s one year anniversary. Last Spring, we were just getting started. We appreciate your commitment to our journey and growth. We are learning more and getting better every day, thanks to the continued encouragement and support of our customers.

Kay Savoy, of Accidentally Fluffy, has ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon “great products, affordable prices, and a cute design” …. Flora & Fauna! The Accidentally Fluffy blog shares cost-effective and natural ways “to feel good about yourself while promoting positive tips to boost your mental health, your physical wellbeing and/or spiritual strength”.


Kay is a “broke” college student with a niche for writing and a desire to spread positivity through

self-awareness, deep love and understanding of oneself. Her blog also touches on topics such as natural hair and what it is really like to “ball-on-a-budget” while in college.


Flora & Fauna is proud to encourage young women to pursue their passion.

Are you a college student and blogger?

Are you are interested in collaborating with us to share the powerful message of self-care and self-love?

Please email us at floraandfauna@reneecosmeticconsulting.com



Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of  Flora & Fauna 

So, we all know what it feels like to be stuck searching for a way out of whatever problem we are in. I’ve been guilty of this several times and currently have trouble with it. Having a blog is really great and a fun way of expressing your ideas and opinions, but it definitely comes with times where you don’t know what to do or write about next. The way I usually get around that is staying connected with what is going on in the news or what is happening around or asking other people for ideas for what to write about. If I can get out of slumps, then you can too! Here are 5 ways to get motivated after a slump:


  1. This may sound very cliche, but acknowledge the fact that you are in a slump. Humans (in general) tend to be really bad at acknowledging when something is going wrong and even like to deny the fact that it is happening. But, when we acknowledge that something is off, when can began to understand what is happening and try to find a way to fix it.
  2. Figure out why you got in a slump in the first place. For example, last semester was really hard on me. After doing not so great on one of my exams I wasn’t feeling good mentally and I didn’t really want to hang out with my friends. I couldn’t really figure out why a few days later I still felt bad, but I realized that not doing well on the test really affected me in a negative way and I needed to understand that it wasn’t the end of the world and I could just try harder on next test.
  3. Talk to other people. Sometimes hearing another person’s perspective can really help you. If you stay stuck in your head, you may never be able to move on. If you really don’t want to listen to what anyone else has to say, try just talking to them so you can hear your thoughts out loud. You can also record yourself and play back what you said!
  4. Immerse yourself in a new environment. A lot of the times when we get into slumps, we stay in the same area for long periods of times and even with mental slumps, going somewhere can be a breath of fresh air. I’m not saying you have to go really far, just take a walk outside, go do something fun that you like to do or visit some family or friends. Taking a break might have just been what you needed.
  5. Don’t stress about it. Please understand that you can go at your own pace. Don’t trick yourself into believing that you have to get something done as fast as possible. Stressing out will only make your slump worse.


I hope these tips were able to help you get out of your slump or future slumps. Remember, your main priority is self-care and some of the great achievements in life come out of getting over bumps in the road. A slump is not a roadblock, it’s just a hill for you to get over!


Written by Courtney Smith

Start Loving Yourself Today

“Self-love” is all the rage nowadays, but that doesn’t mean it has to be just another passing trend. Self-love is survival. Life is full of struggles, and loving ourselves on a regular basis creates a solid foundation for supporting us through them. When you’re not used to it, though, it can be hard to know where to start. So what can you do today to start loving yourself more? Below are my top 5 favorite ways.

    1. Practice the Reverse Golden Rule: We’ve all heard the age-old Golden Rule of, “Treat others how you want to be treated,” and most of us are pretty good at living by it. But the reverse is also a powerful way to live: “Treat yourself how you’d like others to be treated.” We tend to be much kinder to and patient with other people than we are with ourselves. As you go throughout your day today, try to notice how you internally talk to yourself.
    2. Talk positively to yourself: Whether it’s verbally talking to yourself or writing it down in a journal, giving yourself a pep talk is incredibly empowering! Instead of thinking of your insecurities, remind yourself what you love about yourself. List out your accomplishments. Write down what you’re grateful for. You have the power to change the focus of your thoughts, and that can be truly life-changing.
    3. Reframe your limiting beliefs: To begin loving yourself more, you have to address the thinking that has gotten you to this lack of love for yourself. Think about your biggest insecurities, and write them down. Why do you feel that way? Then, reword these beliefs into constructive and uplifting ones. For example, instead of, “No one cares what I say,” try, “The people that matter care what I say.” Change your narrative, and you’ll change your life.


  • Do something fun by yourself:  Just like you’d spend time with a friend to nurture that relationship, you have to spend some time with yourself to nourish your self-relationship too. I personally love experiencing new things on my own because it feels so special, like my own little secret memories. Whether it’s seeing a movie, going on a road trip, or partaking in a hobby, time to yourself allows you to do exactly what you want at your own pace and enjoy yourself along the way.


  • Take care of your future self:  Even if today is one of those days where you’re not feeling particularly fond of yourself, you can still love and take care of yourself in an objective way. When I’m feeling “blah” about my day, I try to at least tidy up the house, pay some bills, or do some other random errand. It may not be the most fun,st fun, but your future self will be so grateful!



The number of ways you can start loving yourself today is infinite, and only you know what will work best for you personally. Never give up trying to find what works – You are more than worth it!


Written by Jade Joseph “Girl Untitled

Flora & Fauna is pleased to announce a series of upcoming collaborations with Jade Joseph, a personal growth & self-love enthusiast who loves to share her random thoughts on life with others. Ever since graduating with her degrees in Human Services & Sociology, she’s been fascinated with the power of perception and mindfulness in everyday life. Instead of becoming the counselor she had originally dreamed of being, she decided she wanted to pursue that type of work in a more entrepreneurial and creative way. Her new dream is to eventually be a full-time author, blogger, and life coach.


With a passion for connecting with and helping others, Jade is always available on social media to remind you of your worth, potential, and the fact you are not alone. Her primary social media platform is Twitter, but she can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.


Some of her upcoming projects involve writing an e-book and creating at-your-own-pace e-courses on practicing mindfulness and self-love. In her free time, she loves reading, making quote art, exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest, and spending time with friends and family. It is her hope that her social media and blog, www.girluntitled.com, can be a source of insight for you in your own journey creating your most fulfilling life.


Flora & Fauna is proud to encourage women to pursue their passion.  Are you are interested in collaborating with us to share the powerful message of self-care and self-love?

Please email us at floraandfauna@reneecosmeticconsulting.com

Self-care is something that a lot of people struggle with. It’s no secret that we all go through trials that make us have to look inside and figure out who we are and what we want to be. I feel as though it is our obligation to ourselves that we figure out who we are and sometimes that takes a bit of time. And that’s okay. One of the most important things about self-care is taking the time out for yourself, no matter how long you need, to figure out what’s best for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, you need to figure out who you are and what you like.


That being said, self-care to me is essentially slowing down and taking a deep breath. I unintentionally get wrapped up in college, friend problems, and sometimes my own head. It’s easy to spiral into a big ball of stress, but it’s not exactly easy to find a way out of it.


My way of getting out is typically stopping for a second and acknowledging that I am starting to stress. If it’s something I can take a break from, I usually back away from it. If I’m in my dorm, I tend to take a shower because the hot water feels really nice and helps relax my muscles if I’m tense. Sometimes I massage my hair with a nice smelling product that begins to put me in a better mood than I was in. From there, I usually do a face mask (which has become an everyday routine now) plug my headphones into my phone and do meditation.


People have different ideas of meditation, it could be listening to your favorite album or listening to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore (my personal favorite). Depending on how I am feeling, I sometimes use different meditation apps, such as Simple Habit, Headspace, or Calm. I’ve found that they are really useful in calming me down and centering myself. If somehow none of this works, I go for a walk and listen to music on the lowest setting. Sometimes being alone with your thoughts is the best way to work through trying to fix a problem, which will then lower your stress levels.


Stress is a very real thing and has been normalized in this day and age. The best way to combat it is self-care. We need to make sure that we are healthy both physically and mentally. Just because your body is in good shape, doesn’t mean your mind is. Being healthy mentally and physically is the key to self-care.

Read more self-care tips from Courtney on her blog.


Written by Courtney Smith

Flora & Fauna is pleased to announce a series of upcoming collaborations with Courtney Smith. Courtney is a 19-year old college student at Pennsylvania State University. She recently discovered blogging is her true passion. “For a majority of my life, I struggled with self-care, both mentally and physically. This past year, I really found myself and continue to work on myself every day.  2019 is my year of growth and I plan on loving myself every step of the way,” she says.


Courtney uses her blog, ZoeysXO , to share reviews, vacations, controversial topics, and motivational advice. Courtney will be collaborating with us to share her perspective on self-care. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Flora & Fauna is proud to encourage young women to pursue their passion.

Are you a college student and blogger?

Are you are interested in collaborating with us to share the powerful message of self-care and self-love?

Please email us at floraandfauna@reneecosmeticconsulting.com