Bruna Fogliano andFlora & Fauna Baby Face Serum

This month we had the pleasure of doing a short Q&A with one of our favorite brand ambassadors, Bruna Fogliano. Bruna is new to the beauty blogger scene, but don’t underestimate her! Her Brazilian roots give her the advantage of posting her reviews in both English and Portuguese!

Q: How long have you been sharing beauty reviews?

A: 4 months!


Q: How much time do you spend every day filming, sharing reviews, or managing your social media?

A: At least 3 hours a day.


Q: Have you made any lasting connections or friendships from your review posts?

A: Yes, I’ve connected with many brands and it’s great to have connections in the beauty world!


Q: What advice would you give to beauty influencers and brand ambassadors that are just getting started and don’t have a large following yet?

A: Keep doing it! It’s tough and sometimes we get frustrated, but it’s all worth it. Remember that growth takes time.


Q: What is your number 1 beauty tip?

A: Hydrate your skin! No matter what skin type you have, you need hydrated skin to slay!


Q: What is your favorite Flora & Fauna product?

A: My favorite is the Cuticle Hero pen.


Q: What makes Flora & Fauna different from other skincare and beauty brands to you?

A: It’s different because I can trust that all of the ingredients are great for my skin!


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Written by Sierra Lewis, Founder of  Flora & Fauna 

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