Jade Joseph enjoying sunsets while blogging for Flora & fauna

Flora & Fauna is pleased to announce a series of upcoming collaborations with Jade Joseph, a personal growth & self-love enthusiast who loves to share her random thoughts on life with others. Ever since graduating with her degrees in Human Services & Sociology, she’s been fascinated with the power of perception and mindfulness in everyday life. Instead of becoming the counselor she had originally dreamed of being, she decided she wanted to pursue that type of work in a more entrepreneurial and creative way. Her new dream is to eventually be a full-time author, blogger, and life coach.


With a passion for connecting with and helping others, Jade is always available on social media to remind you of your worth, potential, and the fact you are not alone. Her primary social media platform is Twitter, but she can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.


Some of her upcoming projects involve writing an e-book and creating at-your-own-pace e-courses on practicing mindfulness and self-love. In her free time, she loves reading, making quote art, exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest, and spending time with friends and family. It is her hope that her social media and blog, www.girluntitled.com, can be a source of insight for you in your own journey creating your most fulfilling life.


Flora & Fauna is proud to encourage women to pursue their passion.  Are you are interested in collaborating with us to share the powerful message of self-care and self-love?

Please email us at floraandfauna@reneecosmeticconsulting.com

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