Flora & Fauna Beauty

What We Believe

Our body and skin are a reflection of the sum of our lifestyles.

A good skincare regimen starts with the right attitude. Our products are just a supplement. Beauty starts from within, and is mirrored on the outside. Nourish your body with good lifestyle habits, like eating the right food and getting enough sleep. Nourish your soul with good mental exercises, like meditation and positive affirmations.

Women must uplift and empower each other.

Flora and Fauna is a labor of love from a collaborative group of women dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial change. 5% of business profits are reinvested into junior achievement programs every year.

The products we love must not harm ourselves, animals or the earth

We focus on using quality ingredients — concentrated plant extracts and oils, so you can see the difference. No harsh chemicals, no sulfates, and most importantly no harm done to you, animals, or the earth.

Leaping Bunny Approved!