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Powder Room Rose Spray

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Deodorizing, Neutralize Odor, Room Spray, Rose Scent

Instantly neutralize malodors with a strong and effective, yet refreshing and pleasant rose petal scent.

Small, cute, inconspicuous bottle easily fits in any handbag, gym bag or can be discreetly stored in your bathroom or car.

Suggested Uses
Spray directly into toilet bowl water after using the bathroom
Spritz onto soiled stinky clothes or linens in between washes
Spritz into gym locker to kill tennis shoe stank!
Spritz into the car (not while in car or driving) to neutralize smoke or food odors

Directions for use
Should be used in a ventilated area. Should never be inhaled or sprayed onto the face, body, or skin. Should not be used as a perfume. Should not be used as a cleaning spray.

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